Hobbies start with an idea.
Businesses start with a customer.


Send us your pitch, and let’s create something lasting together.

We invest in startups throughout the year on a rolling basis. Send us you pitch whenever you ready to start the investment process.


Find out what you get when we deliver customized acceleration support.

Corporate Grafik

Product Market Fit

If your product is market-ready and you’re seeking initial customers, we’ll assist in achieving product-market fit while accelerating your startup journey through expert knowledge and valuable connections.


Emphasizing individuality, we provide four distinct investment models for startups to select the best fit. Options include cash investments of up to €125K, empowering founders to make the right choice for their needs.

Access to Corporates

Our Corporate Partners actively contribute by offering valuable feedback, testing products, and potentially becoming customers. Engaging in the entire process, from initial workshops to Demo Day graduation, these partnerships foster collaboration and mutual growth on an equal footing.

Expert Network

Our comprehensive network of mentors, accomplished alumni founders, and the dedicated NCA team provide their expertise and insights. Through workshops, discussions, and personalized coaching, startups receive tailored guidance. We focus on addressing each startup’s unique challenges and pain points.

Custom Fit

We recognize each startup’s distinct needs. Whether it’s finance, B2B marketing, inbound sales, or more, our tailored approach has you covered.

100 % Remote

We’re happy to provide office space in Hamburg for local startups or those seeking a second location in Germany’s finest city. However, our program is entirely remote, allowing participation from anywhere.