Demo Day Batch#8

September 16, 2021

Get ready for another red carpet moment of our current batch. Watch our fantastic startups Cathago, Moinflat, Flux-MES, Gorodata, Into-You, and Revent showing you what they’ve got.


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Events where we meet/met

In the following section, we keep you updated on the events where we are present. Events are very important for us at Next Commerce Accelerator. We take any opportunity to mingle and meet the disruptive founders of tomorrow. Therefore, we highly value startup and digital technology events all across Europe.


December 1st-2nd,2021 |  Helsinki, Finland

Another great startup event that returns this year. And so do we. We cannot wait to meet and accelerate startups we get to meet at this year’s SLUSH.

EVENT: Honeymoon Startup Pitch

November 18th,2021 |  Hamburg, Germany

Co-working space Beehive, who is also one of our perks partners, organizes their Honeymoon Pitch event, where we will be part of as a jury member.

EVENT: Web Summit

November 1st-4th,2021 |  Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit will return to Lisbon live again this year. It brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. We are looking forward to this great opportunity of meeting disruptive founders and network partners.

EVENT: Wolves Summit

October 19th- 21st.,2021 |  Hybrid Event

While this year’s Wolves Summit returns as a hybrid event, allowing visitors to be actually present, we will remain in the digital format this time. This doesn’t stop us from being excited for the e-meet-ups with founders.

EVENT: Startup Port Business Session

September 9th,2021 |  Digital Event

Together with Startup Port, which supports first-time founders that build their startup fresh out of university in Hamburg, we organized a ‘Startup meets Business’ session. Via live-stream visitors could watch program manager Mariella and marketing manager Jane share their insights on Startup-Corporate cooperations.

EVENT: Gruenderszene Spaetschicht

September 2nd.,2021 |  Hamburg, Germany

The first live event that we attended after a long break. Gruenderszene Spaetschicht returned with their great pitching concept that allowed founders and VCs to interact and get to know each other in a speed dating concept.

EVENT: solutions x DILK

September 1st-3rd.,2021 |  Hamburg, Germany

Silpion Solutions organized the congress for digital transformation in Hamburg. Besides the onstage presentation of our Managing Partner Christoph, we also saw several familiar faces. Great and insightful presentations done by our founder Stephan Scheele from Batch#8 startup Revent, CEO and founder Wunni from alumni yamuntu, and our Corporate Partner Matthias Schulz presenting Otto Krahn Group.

EVENT: Pirate

August 30th- September 3rd.,2021 |  Digital Event

As every year, we also participated at this year’s Pirate Summit to ensure fruitful exchanges with startup founders in their matchmaking format.

EVENT: Startup Grind

June 29th-30th.,2021 |  Digital Event

Always a pleasure to see the startups that pitch at the Startup Grind digital stages: Startup Grind


April 28th-30th.,2021 |  Digital Event

The startup event scene is on fire in April. We will be present at another extraordinary summit to meet European startups in one-on-one sessions at this year’s EU-Startup Summit.


April 23rd.,2021 |  Digital Event

Our beloved Waterkant Festival is running a different concept this year. The events will spread across different periods, including a summer period where we hope to make the event a hybrid between digital and physical. Nonetheless, what will remain the same is that Mariella and Jane will host a scouting session on April 23rd. Founders should check out what Waterkant Hub has to offer.


March 30.,2021 |  Digital Event

MeetFounders is back in UK/Europe and Carl will join as one of the panelists along with other VCs to meet, give advice and discuss with startup founders their development and growth potential.


March 22.-27.,2021 |  Digital Event

The great news about digital events is that we can attend two at the same time. Hence, Jane and Carl will also be present at START SUMMIT, where they are looking forward to meeting more awesome founders.


March 24.-26.,2021 |  Digital Event

Meet our team Jane and Carl at this year’s digital Wolves Summit live from Poland. Get your ticket here and let us chat about boosting your startup.


December 2.-4.,2020 |  Digital Event

Live from Lisbon, the Web Summit is The technology conference. Hence, there are many great reasons to participate. Therefore, we cannot miss being present as investors at the event. Find out more here.


October 30., 2020 |  Digital Event

This one-day virtual conference is for all modern digital business enthusiasts. Subjects such as marketing, development, sales, communications, recruiting, and data science will be covered. Therefore, we definitely want to join!


October 27., 2020 |  Digital Event

Europe Days is a platform designed to connect the Israeli and the European tech scenes. Therefore, our Managing Partner Christoph took part in this great virtual event to connect and listen to inspiring founders and tech pioneers.


September 23.-24., October 20.-22., November 17.-19. 2020 |  Digital Event

Node by Slush is a curated community that connects startups with investors, partners, and mentors. Firstly, raise funding. Secondly, grow your business. Finally, learn from the best. This fully digital event took place throughout the fall.

EVENT: BeerThirty

October 1., 2020 |  Digital Event

Another great event to discuss the latest trends and projects in the digital founder’s world in Germany. Hence, we are excited to be there.


September 27. – October 2., 2020 |  Digital Event

The founders’ festival from Munich Bits and Pretzels goes fully digital this year. Nonetheless, we use the opportunity to e-meet the promising line-up of speakers and innovative founders.  


June 5. – 26., 2020 |  Digital Event

An awesome digital event where we hosted several events. Firstly, a pitch session with incredible startups from Northern Germany. In addition, we administrated an informative panel discussion. Most importantly, we invited our female founders from Tutaka and Localyze. Together, we discussed issues of female entrepreneurs as well as possibilities on how to prevent them.


June 19, 2020 | Digital Event

Cooperation with Hamburg Invest to support the nationwide Digitaltag pitch event. Herewith startups from Cologne, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg were pre-selected finalists that had the opportunity to pitch in front of a great digital jury.