Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens at the Next Commerce Accelerator (NCA)?

We run tailored six months programs aiming to help your company achieve product market-fit and growth through hands-on mentorship, network and funding.

Will you sign an NDA?

No, we won’t sign an NDA. No serious venture firm would at this stage.  Read more about the reasons here or here.

Do we need to write a business plan?

Not for us. We want a pitch deck and a financial forecast. While a business plan can be helpful for some, we make our funding decisions based on our application form and personal interviews. We love demos and profound pitch decks.

What kind of startup are you looking for?

We invest in product and service companies who could scale and serve a (new) market. We like to see a team (more then one person) and some technical knowledge too.

What happens afterwards?

Although our offer is a 6 months startup booster program, of course we care as much for our alumni and keep on supporting them.

Application Process


Who can apply?

Everyone who calls himself a passionate founder.

What’s the best stage to apply?

You need to have more than only an idea. A prototype and some customers would be great. You can also apply at a later stage if our program brings you a strategic advantage but we never invest more than 50k.

Can I apply as a sole person?

You can apply, but it is unlikely that we will accept you. We believe creating a successful startup is about teamwork. But we also believe in some serendipity from time to time.

Can I participate in your program after participating in another accelerator or incubator program?

Yes sure. We believe in people who want to work on their projects and try out new approaches. But we also believe we can figure out the real potential and support you in a way, you would rather go into a seed round, then in another accelerator program after you spend the 6 months with us.

When will the application form for the next cycle be online?

The form is always online. But we have an official application phase – right now we are looking for startups for Batch #4. The deadline for this batch is the 20th of January 2019.

What is the timing for the next cycle?

Right now we are looking for startups for batch #4. The application deadline is the 20th of January. We will review the applications and get into interviews with high potential applicants during February. On the 19th of March we will officially start the program with batch #4.


How much do you invest?
You can choose one from the following investment options:
  • Our 6 month booster program (including workshops, mentoring, office space and access to our premier league network) for 3% equity.
  • Investment of €25k in return for 5% of the company’s equity.
  • Investment of €50k in return for 10% of the company’s equity.
Can I spend the investment on anything?

You can’t pay previous debt, as we want that the money is used for the growth of the company. Other than that, we don’t tell you what to do with the money. You should invest the money in things that help your product to get traction.


Do I need to move my whole team to Hamburg?

No. However at least the core of your team should be in Hamburg from time to time. One of the main benefits of the program is our community and our network. We plan ahead but you can decide what to attend and stay flexible about your startups business.

Why are you located in Hamburg?

We fairly believe in the importance of an ecosystem to startups. As a startup you need easy access to the industry. Hamburg is Germany’s e-commerce and logistics capital.

Are you providing a place to stay in Hamburg?

We know it is not easy to find a flat or a room in Hamburg, especially short-notice. We are partnering with hostel groups in Hamburg to be able to get you affordable accommodation at least until you settle down and are prepared to look for something else.

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